Rodney & Brianna

Rodney & Brianna

Every love has a story.

Her Version

It was December, my mom and I were at the airport heading to Ghana for vacation. I walked to the boarding gate and I said a general hello to a few people that I knew. Low and behold, Rodney was standing with the group of people I said hello to. On the plane, I mentioned to my mom that I think the guy wearing the black track pants with the black SSORA hat was cute. We landed in Ghana and didn’t see each other again. A few days later, I was at a concert and I saw Rodney again. I waved at him and you won’t believe it, he turned away without saying hello back. (I guess he wasn’t expecting me to say anything lol). He quickly turned back around and said hello and we didn’t see each other again.

After that, he would comment here and there on my Instagram stories. It wasn’t until his trip was coming to an end that he finally decided to ask for my number, I was wondering what was taking him so long lol. When I came back from Ghana, he asked me out on a date. I remember it was raining on the day we were going out and I didn’t really feel like going anymore. He didn’t want to cancel and insisted we still go. He picked me up from my house and we had a great time together. We laughed, enjoyed each other’s company and had an awesome night. I thank God I didn’t turn him down that day because LOOK AT WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!!!

His Version

Some years back a friend of mine (Walter) showed me her picture online and have had a crush on her ever since. We never really crossed paths even though we were both in NY until a trip to Ghana some years back where we met at the airport. This same friend mentioned to me when I got to the airport that Brianna was there. At that moment I knew I had to speak to her.. As my friends and I were conversing he goes again “There she is” and I turned my head. There she was indeed having no idea that I was excited to see her. Before boarding we were all gathered around just talking and she joined and said hi to everyone. I was expecting a special hi from her lol. We started talking briefly about Ghana and keeping our most important items in our carry on bags just in case our bags don’t make it.

Fast forward we all in Ghana but didn’t really see each other till Afrochella festival. I was looking around and caught a glimpse of her but as I’m moving my head away she waved at me. I turned back around and waved at her. We both went about our day. I didn’t really make anything of that. I started commenting on her IG stories and on the day I was returning back to America, I had posted something about not wanting to leave and she responded saying “America is waiting for you” and I said to her “just like you” thinking she would be on the same flight back. That’s when she said she was staying longer. So what did I do? I jokingly said if you have space for me I’ll stay another week with you and she said come on. I asked for her number and we started texting when I got back to America. To get an idea if she was really interested I asked her to get me a souvenir and she actually did which was all the confirmation I needed. She got back to America and we went on our first date. It was a rainy day but that wasn’t really going to stop me. We had a great time and here we are now getting married. Shoutouts to Walter for introducing this Queen into my world.